At Southern Growth Studio, we enjoy applying our growth tools and processes to build new companies in addition to advising our clients. Over the years, we have created and launched many new businesses by partnering with entrepreneurs who possess unique intellectual property or underutilized assets and need guidance bringing them to market. We also take calculated risks with many of our clients and believe in having “skin in the game”, often working at a reduced fee for equity and success fees.

We created a wholly owned subsidiary, Southern Growth Ventures, to focus exclusively on new venture opportunities. The Southern Growth Ventures team assists our partners in many ways, including some or all of the following:

  • Meeting customers to verify product/market fit
  • Analyzing markets and competitors to identify open white space
  • Creating or improving prototypes
  • Marketing products and services
  • Creating strategic growth plans
  • Raising growth capital
  • Recruiting new management team and Board members
  • Serving on the management team when necessary

Through our work with Southern Growth Studio and Southern Growth Ventures, we have deep experience and connections in a wide variety of industries. We frequently make connections for operating companies, private equity groups, venture capital firms and investors.

If you would like to learn more about Southern Growth Ventures, please contact us and check out some of the examples below.