Trust me, I’m a Thinker/Analyst

The coolest job title I’ve ever had is Thinker/Analyst.

Paraphrased highlights of the associated job description include: a voracious appetite for reading, critical consideration, imagination, and a willingness to challenge people to succeed. Data enters my brain where it is digested and turned into compelling insights and crucial business implications.

A Thinker/Analyst takes insights and implications, and creates a roadmap for growth and innovation; but a seasoned Thinker/Analyst knows the roadmap is most smoothly navigated when travelers do three things:

Believe in the future

Unprecedented change and advancement happens at lightning speed in the internet era so predictably, it almost seems mundane. Even still, it can be difficult to imagine the incredible product or service you’re dreaming up today will be viable, feasible, and desirable down the road.

When clients have trouble believing in the future of their business, I remind them that on January 8, 2007, anyone you asked would have told you a cell phone with no buttons was a silly idea.

As a Thinker/Analyst, it’s my job to read the tea leaves and paint a vision of the future for our clients. My job is never more satisfying than when they’re willing to believe in the future with me.


Design Thinking is a core competency of the Studio. Rather than lean on the notion of a lone genius creating innovation during a particularly inspired journey through their own thoughts, we believe Innovation is a process that should be replicable.

A sneaky downside to Design Thinking is the sheer volume of ideas that are created for a project. It can be difficult to contain scattershot excitement and get an organization behind one or two concepts. Worse than that, is staying patient and working on the long game when it can be so tempting to put all your attention toward the issues right in front of you.

Being able to focus on long-term goals while satisfying immediate organizational needs is crucial to successful growth and innovation.

Pull the trigger

Just Do It, right? The simplest notion on the list of this Thinker/Analyst can be the most difficult to follow. The swirling doubts born in the way we’ve always done things are ruthlessly efficient at killing progress. Our most successful clients have been those who can take a deep breath and push that new product or service out into the world.

Successful growth and innovation require a lot of time and energy from organizational leadership, management, and team members.

When the responsibility to move the needle at an organization lands on your desk, I encourage you to believe in what’s possible, focus on a small handful of ways to capitalize on an opportunity, and set it free in the world.

Growth can be painful, innovation can be uncomfortable, but you can do it.

Trust me, I’m a Thinker/Analyst.