Greenhouse – Where new concepts thrive

Southern Growth Studio’s Greenhouse is a safe place to test concepts you can’t nurture inside your own organization. If growth opportunities are outside of your core channel or business model, you need to pilot and scale them in in wholly new ways. Sounds easy, but it takes different mindsets, methods, proclivities, and practices.

Our expertise in design thinking, lean startup, and other front- and back-end innovation frameworks can help you unlock the full potential of a transformational product, service, or platform. We nurture transformational concepts for clients in three different ways:

  1. Corporate Ventures: We partner with you to launch a transformative new business.
  2. Piloting New Concepts: We design pilots to validate concepts outside your core business model.
  3. External Corporate Accelerators: We plan, facilitate, and run accelerators who clients who seek to rapidly innovate
    in high growth areas.

Southern Growth Studio’s Greenhouse is where your business has a chance to pursue growth opportunities that might be unconventional or require resources you can’t commit.


We work with your team to build a growth strategy and innovation pipeline for the specific initiative.


Using design thinking, lean startup, and other entrepreneurial methodologies, the Studio will help your organization grow big ideas through Corporate Venturing, Open Innovation, and External Corporate Accelerators.


The Studio works with clients in a variety of ways to bring new ideas to market to create a triple win: your organization, us, and end users.

To get started growing something in the Greenhouse, contact Michael Graber or Josh Roberts.