Insight Innovation Strategy

Southern Growth Studio puts its multidisciplinary team at your service with a proven methodology to generate valuable consumer insights, product & service innovations, and brand strategies.

We develop innovative solutions for either specific problems or your overall business.

Call us for new growth plans for your organization, customer and market insights, or workshops to develop your team’s skills in the fields of innovation and strategy.


Consumer Insights

Nothing sparks new growth like fresh perspectives. Our research and ethnography teams will talk to your customers, competitors, and employees to find the deep, ground-level insights that act as the foundation for your next steps.



Occasionally our clients need to quickly engage customers in order to challenge conventional thinking and unlock inspiration. sprout activates the Studio’s best ethnography practices and distills them into a deliverable that takes two weeks to create.

If you need a better name for a new product that’s about to launch, an unconventional way to market an underperforming service, or some fresh thinking on a key strategy, sprout is the service for you. It’s quick, quality work that capitalizes on the in-depth experience and academic knowledge base of Southern Growth Studio to give you a fast answer to a tough question.

  • Primary qualitative research
  • Moderation and facilitation of focus groups
  • CoCreation session facilitation
  • Segment-specific interview guide creation
  • Customer-informed sales, marketing, and product strategies
  • A clearer direction for you and your organization’s processes and goals
  • Insurance for your next marketing campaign, product launch, or sales pipeline
  • High quality, actionable recommendations in an accessible and affordable package


Innovation projects

At Southern Growth Studio, we solve problems. Our team uses innovation and Design Thinking methods to understand — and create — solutions in radical new ways.

Whether it’s a short-term product development project or an ongoing engagement that produces lasting results, we can help.

Embedding innovation

Innovation works best when everyone buys in. We’re excited to offer workshops and training to help your company realize the value of innovation and let a culture of creative problem solving take root.

Our Embedding Innovation projects focus on both training innovation leaders within your company and handing you the tools to consistently overcome your business challenges.

Between our hands-on methods and software-based approach with Swarm, we will help you build a sustainable innovation culture.


  1. Corporate Ventures: We partner with you to launch a transformative new business.
  2. Piloting New Concepts: We design pilots to validate concepts outside your core business model.
  3. External Corporate Accelerators: We plan, facilitate, and run accelerators who clients who seek to rapidly innovate in high growth areas.
  • Moderation and facilitation of focus groups
  • Innovation and co-creation workshops
  • Trendcasting and insights
  • Innovation bootcamps


Strategy projects

Every business is unique, and every growth plan should be, too. Southern Growth Studio takes a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding and overcoming strategic growth challenges.

Beginning with a human-centered inquiry process to understand your audience, we’ll find the “golden thread” of your business: the fundamental messages and strategies that will resonate best. Next, we apply a variety of quantitative analytical research methods to understand today’s challenges and tomorrow’s trends, and ultimately deliver practical recommendations for disruptive growth.

  • Industry and competitive analysis
  • Market sizing and validation
  • Brand strategy and marketing positioning
  • Sales and channel strategy
  • Growth opportunity prioritization
  • Go to market strategy
  • Change management

Execution of strategic recommendations  

We fully believe in the insights we give our clients, but we also know that implementing a radical new strategy can be daunting. To ease the transition, we’re proud to offer our services as outsourced executives for organizations seeking to kick-start their new growth.

  • Content development and deployment
  • Product development
  • Process development and optimization
  • Branding and rebranding
  • Subcontractor management
  • Training