Our Thinking

Interning at an Innovation and Strategy Firm  

    Southern Growth Studio exposes its interns to every facet of what it does. I learned the importance of ethnography and research design--which have a shared foundation of empathy--and its application in the real world. I learned how to distill these findings into an industry assessment, and how to think critically to divine a solution to the client’s need. I learned a lot of other things like this, things that don’t transfer interestingly into description.

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Conscious Innovation

This human-centered approach to commerce and its empowering dynamism in both the field of Innovation and the construct of Conscious Capitalism make them different dimensions of the same profound shift. Business is changing, for the better. Instead of the sole goal of making money, it now wants to make money while creating significance and social value.

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Three Phases of Embedding Innovation

Many expensive and time-consuming efforts to build innovation capability and capacity inside of organizations fail for a few simple reasons. Either they import a framework completely from the outside without attuning it to their practices and the culture and internal systems reject it or an anxiety to “get it right” leads to years of benchmarking, planning, and the formation of the governance of innovation without actually doing the work—and the work is simple: create net new value.

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