Market Power Verses Brute Force

Pushing too hard?

Rushing to hit short-term numbers or an over-caffeinated executive can force some costly mistakes.

Failed product launces. A weak but bloated product pipeline. A service in desperate need of reinvention but too entrenched and in love with its own methods to change. A company that charges ahead blindly, carrying dead weight and a dying value proposition to the market. A feature set that doesn’t meet users real needs. Add a bomb from your professional experience here _________________. There are too many mistakes to name.

There are also too many forced agendas, pet projects, products and services zealously guarded by the ego patrols and sycophants. The world is already overstuffed with such glut. Do us all a favor, stop forcing things to happen just because you feel so motivated.

There is a critical difference between force and authentic market power.

Force helped birth the Industrial Revolution, but is a brutish, blunt, and inelegant way to finish anything in business today. Real market power shares the verities of wisdom: self-knowledge, a sense of others, and the ability to read between the lines and see a real need, an actual benefit for your product or service.

Market power creates fans, brand evangelists, and loyalty. Market power always finds traction in the field by connecting with its intended audiences in both fundamentally expected and wildly unexpected ways. This type of power can be measured with sales, brand equity, and breakout potential.

On the other hand, when things are forced, you find yet another company for sale, more products at the closeout store, and disgruntled employees.

Why force anything today when the world has too many choices to begin with? Instead, get real market power by empathizing with customers and crafting something of real and usable value to their lives.

Go away, brute. Your tricks don’t work anymore.