Consumer Insights

Nothing sparks new growth like fresh perspectives. Our research and ethnography teams will talk to your customers, competitors, and employees to find the deep, ground-level insights that act as the foundation for your next steps.



Occasionally our clients need a quick burst of thinking, an outside perspective that can challenge conventional thinking and dislodge inspiration. Sprout takes the Studio’s best practices and distills them into a deliverable that takes one week to create.

If you need a better name for a new product that’s about to launch, an unconventional way to market an underperforming service, or some fresh thinking on a key strategy, Sprout is the service for you. It’s quick, quality work that capitalizes on the vast experience and institutional knowledge of Southern Growth Studio to give you a fast answer to a tough question.

  • Primary qualitative research
  • Moderation and facilitation of focus groups
  • CoCreation session facilitation
  • Segment-specific interview guide creation
  • Have a half-day session with your executives and stakeholder to understand your specific challenge
  • Take a quick pass at secondary research and any immediately-available primary research
  • Convene a Studio Sprout Session to brainstorm, ideate, and polish a solution to your problem