Greenhouse – The Southern Growth Studio e-newsletter

Welcome to Greenhouse, the e-news gazette from your friends at the Southern Growth Studio. We’ll strive to be smart, brief, and inspiring.

In our 11th year we’ve broadened our scope of services and client type. Innovation, insights, and strategy are applicable to wherever people gather and want to improve their organization and the world.

We’ve been busy, working with people of all ages:

  1. Embedding corporate innovation at several on-going Fortune 1000 clients
  2. Working with schools to teach children how to use innovation methods to make the world a better place
  3. Helping a Nature Center discover its next phase
  4. Leading a pilot for a new service for a Fortune 500 company
  5. Thinking through how refreshed claims can allow consumer care companies to grow a mature brand
  6. Handling the necessary change management for companies who want to be more truly customer-focused
  7. Generating insights for wide array of organizations (from underwear to maid service to non-profits)
  8. Validating new market opportunities with in-depth ethnographic insights

Meanwhile, we keep busy leading bootcamps, speaking, writing, and coaching.


We’d love to congratulate our long-standing client, RING Container. Innovation has been at the heart of their amazing growth.

The Daily News has transformed into the Daily Memphian. Here’s a link to Michael’s first article in the new format. His articles also appear in Innovation Excellence and INC.

If you are in the Memphis Region, join our Ethno Team for a FREE LUNCH and learn how to get inside your customers’ heads.

The season of strategy planning is here again. Read some of our tips from helping more than 150 clients grow with smart growth strategies, here. If your organization wants to get out of a planning rut and envision new growth, reach out to us.

Or, look for us at the Innov8rs and Back End of Innovation conferences.

– Michael and the Studio team