Customer Journey Mapping

Do you understand your customer? Southern Growth Studio specializes in mapping the entire consumer journey and pinpointing purchase triggers unique to your audience.

Customer Insights and Market Analysis

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There’s a lot more to a sale than the moment when a customer hands over their credit card or pays their invoice. If your organization doesn’t understand the entire customer journey, from complex needs to purchase triggers, it’s flying blind. Only by mapping the full customer journey can you uncover the critical touchpoints for influencing and winning over your audience.

At Southern Growth Studio, we’re experts in getting inside the heads of your customers to deeply understand their thought processes and behavior motivators. Our Customer Journey Mapping engagements answer critical questions like:

  • What non-obvious needs are customers fulfilling when they purchase your product?
  • What specific events or information trigger a consumer to purchase products or services?
  • How can your brand be top of mind during the purchase trigger points for potential customers?
  • What is the customer’s emotional variance before, during, and after their purchase experience,and where are they most vulnerable to suggestion?
  • Who are the decision makers involved in a purchase, and what role does each play?
  • Where in the journey are you losing to competitors?

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