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What our clients say about us

“Over my past 20 years working for Jack Nicklaus and the Nicklaus Companies, I have engaged several firms to execute various projects for our company, all of considerable significance. Our business is global in scale and impact, so these firms have ranged from the world’s biggest in New York, London and Tokyo to little boutiques right here in our own backyard.

The task was always similar; the results always varied.  However, it was not until we invested our money in Southern Growth Studio that we achieved the results and the return on that investment of which we had aspired.  As you can imagine, Jack Nicklaus has some remarkably high standards – of himself, of his company and even guys like me.  So, understandably, meeting expectations is no easy task.  Exceeding them is a rare feat.  Y’all just accomplished the latter.

I typically beat up on firms like yours, not for sport, but to ensure that we are getting what we deserve.  You over-delivered; so it’s only fair that I now give you the accolades your team deserves.  You earned it.  You also earned our future business.

Looks like my frequent flyer account will take a hit for the next few years as I won’t be headed to New York, London or Tokyo again to get a job done that can performed better out of Memphis.”

– Andy O’Brien, Senior Vice President, The Nicklaus Companies

“The Southern Growth Studio team became completely immersed in the project, conducting countless interviews and surveys, and exploring market segments that had not yet been considered. Their professionalism and experience were evident in a great report. ”

– Dr. Joe Fanguy, Asst. Director, Office of Commercialization, Mississippi St. University

“Southern Growth Studio gave us invaluable insight into our customers and a clear strategy for the future. Their thoroughness was impressive and their professionalism was very much appreciated by our team.”

-Tricia Snead, Brand Manager, Ampro Industries

In working to generate neighborhood economic vitality in core city neighborhoods, our team was in need of quickly capturing the input of four diverse groups of stakeholders. We partnered with Southern Growth Studio to help us work with both city and community stakeholders to identify the issues that were contributing to low economic vitality and to develop and refine innovative ideas of how the city could accelerate economic growth.

Our schedule was aggressive and Southern Growth Studio was able to both meet our time demands and accomplish our goals. The methodology that Southern Growth Studio applied was engaging and fast-paced and energized our stakeholders, giving us a stronger working relationship.

You have gotten some really great thinking out of the groups. Thanks so much for your help with the contributing issues and ideation phase of this project. We could not have done this without you!”

– Thomas A. Pacello, Mayor of Memphis’ Innovation Delivery Team

“Here at Bayer we work with a lot of partners in gaining insights, synthesizing the data into productive opportunities and then forming programs to deliver products and services. One of our favorites is Southern Growth Studio, which is headed up by Michael Graber. We love them because they are in the boutique range but still full service even for some of our major global programs. We consider them to be more of an extension of our Bayer team rather than a 3rd party.”

– Jay Morgan, Vice President Innovation, Bayer Consumer Health