Build a better innovation culture with Swarm

Let Southern Growth Studio help you build better innovation teams, fill your innovation pipeline, and create a culture of innovation with Swarm. The Studio uses a variety of innovation methodologies to solve complex client problems and Swarm is unique among them as a quantifiable way to better understand the innovation strengths and limitations of your team.

This powerful tool will help you innovate better for tomorrow with the team you have today. Contact Harvey Kay to learn more about Swarm.

Identify the innovation talent in your workforce

  • Identify the 8 innovation skills, strengths and gaps, innovation horizons of your people
  • Engage High Potentials (50th percentile +) in innovation initiatives

Analyze and build better teams

  • Analyze current teams to ensure coverage of all 8 skills
  • Use “Build teams” feature to suggest stronger teams

Upskill your people; and fill your innovation pipeline

  • Put employees through Swarm Innovation Training to increase their skills
  • Learners develop a high-value innovation proposal through the Training
  • They can pitch to leaders or submit it on your idea management platform

Define, drive and sustain a culture of innovation

  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current culture
  • Set goals. Hire, retain and develop innovation talent to achieve them