Shapeshifting is a collection of thoughts, musings, and insights from Studio members and our friends.

Opportunities and obstacles facing innovation cultures

Michael Graber and Meg Crosby share experiences consulting and leading innovation culture transformation in large organizations.

Michael is the founder and managing partner of Southern Growth Studio. Learn more about their Insight, Innovation, and Strategy services at

Meg is the founder and managing partner of PeopleCap. Get to know their Strategic Human Resources consulting services at

Creative writing and scenario planning

Josh Roberts, the Studio’s Vice President of Client Transformation, talks about a skill he learned during college in a creative writing class and how it can apply to growth strategy and innovation now.

Psychographic insights

Evan Katz, the Studio’s entrepreneur-in-residence, talks about the depth of our Insights practice.

Gaining Insight from time alone

At Southern Growth Studio, we try draw from the wisdom of the ancients. “The heart has reasons that reason knows nothing about.” – Blaise Pascal.

Do you know the heart of your customer? #insights #ethnography

Growing again

Studio President Mark Levine talks about a former client who, after several high-growth years, found themselves needing an injection of information that would get them back on track.

Talking to your customers

Southern Growth Studio’s entrepreneur-in-residence, Evan Katz, shares a story that highlights the value of talking to your customers.