The work of the Southern Growth Studio delivers confidence and clarity to take action quickly. We work fast. Free of the constraints of bureaucracy and politics. Free of the shackles of the norm and the status quo. Open and exacting minds that generate real insight.

The Studio is brought in to help our clients on a variety of assignments, some are well defined and others are wide open. Here’s a list of some of the challenges we regularly solve:

  • Customer attrition
  • Increasingly saturated market with a limited growth window
  • Flat to declining revenue
  • Undifferentiated or commoditized offering
  • Explosive growth goals but no effective strategy to hit them
  • Failed new product or service launches
  • Need for validation and prioritized growth opportunities
  • Need to innovate- out of fresh ideas and the internal teams’ thinking is too narrow
  • Current marketing efforts generate little to no results
  • Lost touch with the market and do not know why customers buy or do not buy
  • No product and pricing strategy by channel
  • Shotgun sales approach