We identify and validate the white space, then synthesize data resulting in innovative strategies that give our clients a competitive advantage in the market.

Our methodology steps the team through multiple qualitative and quantitative research and analysis. We become immersed in the market. We wallpaper our office with research and industry imagery. We model and project the possibilities. We brainstorm new opportunities and later debate the data as rational skeptics. We segment the market and measure demand. Through synthetic thinking, we draw connections. Under the layers of data: the ethnographic research, the conjoint analysis, the trend research, the competitive landscape, the market sizing…. the strategy becomes clear and we crack the code.

The Value of Primary Market Research

At the Southern Growth Studio we use a blend of both primary and secondary research as well as quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques to generate real insight. We go beyond the boundaries of the traditional research firm to synthesize the data in the context of our clients’ business challenges. We use best practices of the market research industry to generate top notch data, but the real value of our work is our thinking. The ability to see opportunity under the layers of data and in between the lines is why clients hire the Southern Growth Studio.

While each engagement is custom according to the specificity of the problem we are hired to solve, we follow a proven systematic process that is industry agnostic.

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